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Islam is a very important religion in Europe, being the continents second largest faith, with a large immigrant and growing native-convert population. European Muslims in each country are members of different and varying organisations; however The FIOE – The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe is an umbrella organisation that combines many elements, with the aim of promoting Muslim interests in Europe.

The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe acts on issues it feels affect the Muslim population in Europe – for example speaking out on their extensive website on the treatment of Muslims in France – and events in the Middle East. The FIOE website also serves as a platform for debate and other information, and includes information on the charter and aims of the organisation, which believes that Muslims are “an integral part of European society”.

Helping and funding

Such aims, as detailed on the website, include the expansion of cultural and civilisational dialogue and the introduction of Islam and its values. It also operates as a support network for Europe’s Muslims, helping them to perform their religious duties, preserve their cultural identity and taking care of their social and religious affairs by helping establish mosques, schools and other social institutions with funding from the middle-east.

Whilst claiming to be an independent organisation and working with the European Union in their areas of interest, the organisation also have links with other Islamic organizations throughout the world.

Our organization have established a group of non profitable organization as well as home services to assist our community. Below is some of our recommended services group.