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Baitul Futuh United Kingdom

Claiming to be the largest mosque in Europe, the Baitul Futuh in Morden, London has a large presence and active involvement in the local community. Providing services similar to that of both the Great Mosque of Paris and the Ahmadiyya Mosque in Berlin, it serves as a place of worship for the local Muslim population [...]

Ahmadiyya Mosque Berlin

The Ahmadiyya Mosque in Berlin is Germanys first Mosque which played a fundamental role in the promotion of Islam in Germany – it is here that some of the first German translations of the Quran took place and, although the site still performs its primary function as a place for the faithful to pray every [...]

The Great Mosque of Paris

La Grande Mosquee de Paris is situated in the vibrant and historic Latin Quarter in Paris and is one of Europe’s largest mosques. Built in beautiful traditional Islamic style with a 33 metre high minaret, the mosque acts as not only a prayer and Islamic education centre but also as a high profile tourist attraction [...]