Islam in France

Islam is France’s second largest religion (about 5-10% of the population) and studies indicate that it is in France that Muslims feel most at home. This is largely due to the French government’s early promotion of assimilation, and is also connected to the former North African colonies (from which the majority of French Muslims originated [...]

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Islam in Germany

Islam is the second largest religion in Germany. Current estimates put the number of Muslims at around 4-6% of the population, the majority of who are of Turkish Sunni heritage. The large Muslim presence stems from ‘Guest workers’ who came to rebuild West Germany after WWII. As time marched on they decided to stay and [...]

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Islam in Great Britain

The second largest religion in Great Britain is Islam, with an estimated population of around 2.8 million, almost 5% of the population. There are a number of variants of Islam practised in the UK, due largely to the number of immigrants stemming from numerous former colonies in South Asia. Estimates also put the number of [...]

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