Islamic Art

Islamic art can take many forms, and includes but is not restricted to religious elements. With an original Muslim population spread from southern Spain to Asia there exist different nuances and types, but generally encompass a similar aesthetic style – a heavy reliance on Arabic script, ornate designs, mosaiques and tapestries – examples of which [...]

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Islamic Holidays

In Europe Islamic holidays serve many purposes. Aside from celebrating religious holidays or marking events in Islamic history, these events connect European Muslims to communities worldwide and join together Muslims from all countries living in Europe. This strengthens the bond within the Ummah, brings together all language groups and emphasises the fact that Islam can [...]

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Muslim Marriage

Marriage in Islam is one of the most important aspects of the faith, and believers are strongly encouraged in the Koran to marry. Those who do so will receive rewards and favour in the eyes of God. There are numerous versus in the Koran and Sunnah (traditions of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh) that encourage marriage, [...]

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